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 Oliver A. Ashby

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Oliver Ashby


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PostSubject: Oliver A. Ashby   4th May 2014, 5:42 am

» look into my eyes
Tell me you're not lying

» Short and easy, nothing special. «
first name:
Oliver Austin
» Everybody just calls me Oliver - got my second name from my grandpa apparently. «
» That's kinda obvious, isn't it? «
» I'm the kid that is always there for you but also shouts at you when you're up after curfew - yay! «
Florida, USA
» I was born there, got some family there, too, but it's not my home. «
Leeds, UK
» I've lived here since I've been five, grew up there. And I love it. «

» mirror can't you see
what you show kills me

» Another horribly obvious thing. I'm a guy - and I've always been. «
26 | September 27
» Sometimes I feel old saying that. I'm already 26, whoa. But really, I'm not. «
hair colour:
» And naturally so. I've always liked it that my hair was pitch black and I didn't have to dye it. «
eye colour:
dark brown
» My eyes apparently always shine and stuff, but I dunno. They're not actually that special. «
Weight & Height:
6'5'' with 170lbs
» I'm tall, and I'm skinny - and it's never been different. «
Special Features:
» I love them, all of them. They mean a lot to me. «
nose ring
» It's the only piercing left. I used to have some impressive tunnels, too, but I got rid of them. «
» There is that huge one on my chest from my heart surgery, and smaller ones littering my limbs, stomach and hips that don't come from accidents or surgeries at all. «

The thing is, you notice Oliver when he's in the room. It's not the way he stands, his attitude - no, he's more of a person standing in the back and enjoying to be in the shadows. It's solely due to his height. He's really tall, towering over most people with almost two metres height. But just because he's tall doesn't mean Ollie's also big - no, quite the opposite actually. He's skinny as a stick, with skinny chicken legs, narrow hips and prominent bones. Still, his body is fit, his chest flat, his shoulders and arms curved in the way that shows that there isn't just skin and bones beneath. His skin is soft and tanned - he never really seems pale thanks to his Floridian blood and the amount of tattoos on his body. By now, he's got a full sleeve on his left arm, his ribcage is covered as well as his neck and shoulders and parts of his legs and right arm. He likes to collect tattoos, that's for sure. They fit in well with his black hair that he keeps usually short and likes to spike up to a messy quiff most of the time and his stubble - Oliver doesn't like shaving and often enough runs around with stubble over his jaw and cheeks. All that, combined with the skinny-as-they-come jeans, bandshirts, hoodies and leather jackets he likes to wear, seems to show the typical punk type: somehow harsh, very alternative. But Oliver's face isn't like that at all. His features are defined, sure, but also really soft. He's got round, dark eyes, a slightly-too-big nose with a ring on the right and a huge, charming smile framed by a set of dimples. And maybe people don't see his sheer prettiness on the first view, but they will when he smiles at them, because that smile, it's contagious.
» There's nothing special about me. Just a lanky man wearing emo clothes looking like a punk. «

» under the moon's light
hold me until I fall

» Yeah, I studied it - got a degree and everything. «
personal experience
» That's much more important than my degree, isn't it? I've been one of these kids, I know what they're going through and therefore, I can help. «
homoerotically bisexual
» Meaning, I go out with both women and men, but I'm mainly attracted to men. Yay. «
good habit:
there for everyone
» Like, even if we've never spoken before, I'll listen to you and be there for you if you need it. «
Bad habit:
takes everything to heart
» Yeah, kinda a bad thing. I just can't help but care .. «

To understand why Oliver is the way he is now, here at CHS, you must know about his past. The thing is that when he was in high school himself, he was just one of these kids in the halls. He'd lost his mother and his father was never at home now, working overtime so they could pay off the hospital bills from her and afford some kind of comfortable living for his son and him. Austin was an outcast because he wore his hair long and falling into his eyes and because he only ever wore black stuff and band merchandise - he'd always been an "emo", as they called it. They bullied him a lot, for being so tall and lanky, for being bi, for being an emo. They made him believe he was a freak, and there have been some really dark times - times where hate and pain were his only friends. He wanted to die, wanted to die so badly, but then something changed. His dad and Oliver found out that he was sick - Oliver had a heart disease that would kill him if he didn't have surgery and soon. He was only eighteen, and his body was clinically dead for twenty minutes so the doctors could operate his heart and make it work again. And that showed Oliver how precious life really is.
He changed then. He's always been a quiet and kind guy - he's got good education from his parents, they always taught him to be patient and nice, to look out for others because he wasn't the only one with the problems. But now he didn't want to die anymore. He quitted self-harming, a bad habit he'd picked up because of the bullying, and got his shit together. He learned to believe in himself again, and he made it his mission to show others, people in the same situation as him, what he'd learned. That's why he became a pedagogue, why he took the job at CHS: Oliver really wants to help these kids, make them better, help them overcome their demons and become happier people. He manages it with his calm character, but also with his contagious smile, positive view on life and his strong will that will make him reach whatever he wants to reach. Of course, everyone has their demons, their secrets, but you can say that Ollie really is one of the best, most adorable persons you can come to know.
» I'm nothing special. Just a guy with scars helping kids with wounds to leave the scabs alone. A cut cannot heal unless you leave it alone - and I'll hold their hands so they do. «

hard on himself
cramped spaces

» I've been caught
please just set me free again

Own name:
» Don't even pretend you didn't know. You did, all along.«
Own age:
17 | November 28
» She's only seventee- yeah right I should stop singing. Stupid age, but I don't regret a thing. «
Other characters:
Noel Whittaker
» My lovely broken boy. Sigh. «
Avatar person:
Austin Robert Carlile
» You don't know him? He's awesome and I adore that man. He's frontman to the band Of Mice & Men, you should check them out. «
Image Source:
» Isn't that kinda obvious? I mean, it's me. I never get my pics from anywhere else.«
Post Colour:
» Isn't it pretty? Red like the bloody tears you'll be crying reading Ollie's posts. Hah. Not. «

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Oliver A. Ashby
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