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 Estefania Morales

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PostSubject: Estefania Morales   28th March 2014, 10:20 am


» look into my eyes
Tell me you're not lying

&& Morales
first name:
&& Estefania Sancha
&& She's normally called Estefania, though friends may also say Steff or Steffi
freshman | sophomore | junior | senior | ONLY FOR STUDENTS
&& Teacher
&& born in London, GB
&& grown up in Barcelona, Spain

» mirror can't you see
what you show kills me

&& female
&& 34 years
hair colour:
&& dark brown, actually even almost black and that's her natural colour
eye colour:
&& brown
Weight & Height:
&& 164 cm, 56 kg
Special Features:
&& a scar on the right directly above her upper lip

here you have to describe the looks of your character: hair, features, body, clothes, attitude, stuff like that.


» under the moon's light
hold me until I fall

Reason for being at CHS:
what is the problem why your person is considered bad enough to be here? Are they agressive or depressed, fucked up or suicidal? Or maybe something else entirely? ONLY FOR STUDENTS
swimming | football | basketball | ballet | breakdance | ONLY FOR STUDENTS
&& estefania studied at University and aquired a Master of Education. She mastered in Spanish and English and teaches those languages at CHS. She also studied special education as secondary subject to qualify as a teacher at this school.
&& totally into men and therefore hetero
good habit:
this is something that makes your character kind of awesome - but not a strength!
Bad habit:
this is something that makes your character annoying or unnerving to people - not a weakness!

This is the part where you have to describe how your character is going to be. You can also add some connections to the past, but not that much. You should write at least 1000 characters.

strength #1
 strength #2
 strength #3
 strength #4
 strength #5
weakness #1
weakness #2
 weakness #3
 weakness #4
 weakness #5
like #1
 like #2
 like #3
 like #4
 like #5
dislike #1
 dislike #2
 dislike #3
 dislike #4
 dislike #5

» I've been caught
please just set me free again

Own name:
&& Call me Maria, please.
Own age:
&& 20 years
Other characters:
&& no one
Avatar person:
&& Lana Parilla
Image Source:
&& http://lanaparrillafan.com/gallery/
Post Colour:
&& #9900cc


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Estefania Morales
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