high school for troubled teens
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» Clairemont High School
one of a kind

The city of Caerphilly in Wales is a place with many traditions and old, strong roots. The city is just big enough and very proud of itself; for that it has every reason because of its old intimidating castle and all the Victorian houses scattering around it. And one of those old buildings is occupied by the Clairemont High School.
The school got its name from its founder, George Clairemont. The guy came from London to the place in 1878. He was a doctor, interested in medicine as well as human psychology - and especially in the behaviour of the youth. He founded the school because he wanted to give children a place where they could be themselves. He had grown up under the pressure of his parents and he wanted children to be able to escape from there. They could live there, go to school to get their A levels and had a certain focus on sports due to Clairemont's understanding of the importance of moving and health.
It was Clairemont's son William Clairemont who invented the idea of a school especially for the lost causes: he made the CHS a place for the outcasted people, those with disabilities and sicknesses, those who needed professional help. Besides the usual teachers and coaches that his father had employed, he also employed doctors, therapists and tutors to work with the children.
That's how the CHS became what it is today: a place for those who wouldn't make it any other way. You put the criminals here, the fuck-ups and the disabled. With special ways of sports, group and single therapy everyone gets a second chance to do better than before. The Clairemont High is the place for those who everybody gave up on go to show them that they can do it, and the team of the CHS are really good at supporting them.
The image of the school is flawless - it's one of a kind, and schools like the CHS can't be found all that often, but even if they were, the CHS is still the best. The boarding school has the best image it could have and that's because everybody works hard for the teenagers and they actually care.

» Shadows & Nightmares
what is going on here?

Something is going terribly wrong at CHS. We're writing the year 2013. The school year has just started, all the students have arrived at the boarding school, more or less excited to be back in school. Everything is normal. Or isn't it? There's something in the air. The students seem to sense it, it seems to be seeping out of the old brick walls of the school complex, whisper through the trees on their large, green campus.
And then the first student disappears. A cute little girl, barely 16 who danced ballet. In the morning, she was in class, everything was normal, she was fine. Until she didn't appear at lunch time. The police is called, people are looking for her. Where is she? Then they find her - just a dead body, hidden in the forest just behind the football field on campus. Somebody slit her throat. They're looking for a murderer, looking for clues, but there's nothing. Not even the master detective Mister Sherlock Holmes would find anything.
A few weeks pass, everything goes back to normal. There's a chill in the air now, autumn temperatures always drop quickly. But this seems to be more than that. It goes deeper. And these worries become true when there's another missed student, a senior with a broad grin and broader shoulders, another dead body found a couple of days later. Again his throat is slit, but they don't find no clues as though who could have done it.
They only barely managed to keep the school open. The headmaster, a relative to the founder of the school, fights for the students: most of them don't have anywhere to go, thrown out by their parents, and the alternative for almost everyone is prison or orphanage. They have responsibility for the kids, they need to keep them safe.
But can they? There's a murder in these walls, that's for sure, and nobody knows who it is, let alone when he or she will take his next victim. Can they catch him before more people are murdered? Or will they have to close CHS again because it's not as safe as it used to be anymore?

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