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 Zsófia Radványi

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PostSubject: Zsófia Radványi   3rd October 2013, 11:45 am

this is me

First Names: Zsófia Xénia Lani
Surnames: Radványi
Nicknames:  None at the moment
Origin: Ópusztaszer, Hungary
Grade: first

take a look

Gender: female
Age: 16
Hair Colour: naturally chocolate brown
Eye Colour: blue-green
Height: 168cm
Appearance: There is no better way to describe Zsófia's appearance than saying she looks reluctant. She's not like those other girls that run around in this world, tons of make-up covering their faces, plunging necklines, high heels, laborious pinned up hair. No, that's not Zsófia's style. She likes to keep it conservative, wears her dark chocolate brown hair most of the time frankly, so that it floats down her shoulders wavyly, caresses her cheeks and her neck softly. If her hair looks like, how she often says, shit, she pins it up into a messy bun.
Zsófia is not the one for wearing dresses. She prefers hoodies, jeans and vans to cocktail frocks and high heels. You can rarely see make-up on her face, if so, then just a little powder and mascara.
Actually she would never need make-up. Her light tan skin seems flawless and nearly perfect, her eyelashes around the blue-greenish eyes are dense and long. Her cheeks are rosy-coloured, her lips pale red.
Zsófia is thin but curvy, with 168cm neither tall nor short, probably the right size. Her legs are quite muscular due to the sports she did - she used to be a ballett dancer and a footballer, but, when growing older, she had to decide between one of them and chose football.
On the face of the young lady, there is always that shy, barred look, but in her eyes you can see the fire, the Hungarian temper dancing.



then I tell you

Team: Football
Subject: Offense
Extra-curricular Activity: Newspaper
Task: Photographer
Sexuality: straight
Behaviour: Here you have to write a detailed text about the character's personality and behaviour containing at least 250 words. You can also draw connections to the past and family life of the character, but that shouldn't be the main aspect.

++ Football
++ Creative
++ Loyal
++ Honest
++ Generous
~~ Close-mouthed
~~ Shy
~~ Massive selfdoubts
~~ Hot temper
~~ Stubborn


a little story of mine

The Author: Chrissi, 16
Rule Pass: Mert nekem nincs most más - Kedvesem - ByeAley
Font Colour: firebrick
Other Characters: //
Avatar Person: Astrid Frisbey
Image Source: tumblr.com

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Zsófia Radványi
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